The Way of St. James

A Camino pilgrimage through the Frome Valley

25th May 2021 Almost there!

I am planning to finish the waymarking in time for the official launch on the feast of St James, 25th July 2021. A year after our intended launch date we are almost there!

15th August

I have now managed to get the waymarkers in place for the 9km section between Bishops Frome and Ocle Pychard. I have nailed quite a few to telegraph poles, hope I don't get into any trouble!

I will go back and add a few more when I see how many I have left over.

Waymarker in place at the end of Cowarne Court Farm drive

31st July

The waymarkers finally arrived yesterday. I have permission from the council to attach them to council roadside signposts but now need to get all the different landowners permissions. Hopefully I can get this done by the end of the summer!

The way markers finally arrived and they look great

Check here regularly for the latest updates on our Camino plans

18th June - Unfortunately due to the current pandemic situation we have  decided not to open our Churches at this time. After reviewing the current regulations from the Church of England we decided that we do not have the resources to fulfil all the cleaning and social distancing rules needed to open some of the Churches.

The walk of course is across public footpaths and all accesible but sadly most of the Churches will remain closed. In that sense it may feel more like a camino in Spain where in my experience almost every church I came to was locked! Sadly this of course means that there will be no pilgrim passports, stamps or refreshments available. 

I will over the course of the next few months try and get the waymarkers put up and maybe we could try and launch the walk again next year.

6th May - I am still hopeful that this walk can go ahead on 25th July even in a somewhat limited format with social distancing. I have received delivery of my stamps from a company in Germany and have designed a 'credencial' or pilgrim record for the journey.

4 unique stamps to recored the pilgrimage

27th March - I have been busy with other things lately due to the Coronavirus affecting so much of what I do so haven't done much work on this recently. I have designed a credencial (pilgrim passport) and arranged with the footpaths officer for one area to allow additional route markers. I am hoping to get some small discs made with a camino shell on to mark the way but given the current situation not sure if I can get these done by the end of July. Still hoping we can go ahead, we all need something to look forward to in these difficult times.

10th March - I walked the first part from Stanford Bishop to Bishops Frome Saturday morning and despite the mud and wading through a bit of water it wasn't too bad even with a small Chihuahua in tow. There are quite a few stiles to climb over and gates to go through. I have started to think about how we can mark the route. I need to make a few minor adjustments to the gpx file but will do this when I have the whole thing worked out.  

There are also plans now to make hot bacon rolls available for purchase in St James Stanford Bishop on 25th July from 8-10am for early starters. 

I have spoken to the Confraternity of St James about the possibility of crediting km's walked towards the Camino Inglés. If we can extend the walk to 25kms this could be possible. I don't want to change anything now until after the 25th July but I do have a plan, watch this space!